Mainstreet Bengals are little exotic domestic lap leopards. Their intelligence is matched only by the level of curiosity and boundless energy that they display during playtime. Although these are the primary characteristics that the Mainstreet Bengal is known for, they are well balanced by their tendency towards warmth, affection and cuddling. These extraordinary felines interact well with other pets and also enjoy playing with the children. Unlike most domestic cats they have an affinity towards playing in water and have a natural knack for playing a game of fetch. When harnessed, a Mainstreet Bengal can even accompany its owner for a walk outside.

We are a small cattery in Escondido, California. We have been raising and loving Bengals as a Hobby Not a Business, since 1998. From the beginning our goals continue to expand as the breed progresses; we continually strive to produce the exquisite beauty of the Bengals ancestor the Asian Leopard Cat but with the temperament of a Tabby. Our cat's express lovely clear, glittered coats, big, dark rosettes with a wild expression that can make you think they just walked out of the jungle.

Our breeding cats are carefully selected to ensure sound structure and health as well as their exquisite beauty. All of our kittens are raised in our home around other pets and children so they are well socialized by the time they are ready for a new family or the show ring.

Since the Bengal is still a work in process we frequently attend cat shows    to help us stay calibrated with the progress of the ever evolving look of the Bengal. As a result we have produced many wonderful cats that have achieved Supreme Grand Champion, International and Regional show titles.

We rely on repeat business and word of mouth to advertise our kittens. We have satisfied customers all over the world, who can testify as to the quality and temperament of our Bengals. It is most important to us to protect our reputation therefore it is imperative that our new kitten owners are completely satisfied with their life long companion from Mainstreet Bengals.

Our cattery is registered with and we are current members in good standing with TICA and TIBCS. We also adhere to and are signed participants of TICA's ‘Voluntary Code of Ethics' Policy.



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